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Thursday, 5 November 2020

What is other business terminology?

 Acquisition: when one in an organization takes over the other organization and controls all its business operations, it is known as acquisitions. In this process of acquisition one financially strong organization overpowers the weaker one.

Bottom line: in plain English bottom line means the most important fact of an aspect of anything. In BCK, it may be defined as the farm's income after all expenses have been deducted from revenues. these expenses include interest charges paid on loans common general and administrative costs and income tax is a full stop in simple words it is the same things as NET profits for this method than most of the owners of the farm. In today's context if forms performance is evaluated not on the basis of such and economic performance as not prophets alone but also on the basis of a contribution to the commodities and the conservation of the environment.
Business environment: it is a set of all the variables external to the farms but influences its decision making and in turn, is also influenced by it.
Business facilitator: diesel individuals, organizations-institutions, and all other arrangements that are the setting up of operating an existing from the business.
Cooperative forms of business organization: these are the forms of business organizations wherein the eyes of the business entity is distinct from its owners. It can own the assets and Owe to others as an artificial legal person. Thus, the liability of business owners can be limited to be a predetermined amount. The company is the idle representation of the corporate forms of business organization. Cooperative governance: it is a system of overseeing the affairs of a corporation to ensure that they are conducted in an ethical manner and s provisions of law full soft the mechanism of corporate governance includes a. The board of directors who appoint, oversee, and reward the management team;b. Independent audit of the accounts of the company; c.reporting of the performance to the market stock exchanges and business media. All these are examples of the system of corporate governance.
Electronic commerce: it boldly refers to the internet and mobile telephone e based applications for conducting business and commerce. The letter more precisely e is known as mobile commerce. It includes not only sach pure e-commerce business as Amazon but also includes such business functions as marketing internal marketing etc. Usually it typical E-Commerce retailing with have an order placement tracking and delivery and as well as online payment end.
Electronic filling: electronic filing system of filling information required by regulators Government and others electronically. In taxation, it is a method of filing tax returns and tax forms on the internet. Globalization: it is a systematic process of removing the barriers to international trade in goods and services and international flows of capital first of some people argue that is it should include various free movement of labor as well as of collectively all this result in the greater integration of a country's economy with the economy of rest of the world.
Goodwill: Goodwill is accounting is the difference between the watered company page when it buys assets of another company and the book value of those assets. Sometimes, real Goodwill is a company's good reputation for the loyalty of its customers, and so on.
Infrastructure: it means the basic facility example buildings roads power supplies needed for the operation of a society or enterprise. For example, the farm infrastructure would comprise is factories from office warehouses, etc.
Joint products and by-products: joint products represent two or more product separated in the course of the same processing operation, usually requiring further processing each product being in such a proportion that no single product can be designed as a major product. For example in the oil industry gasoline, fuel oil lubricants, paraffin, kerosene are all produced from crude products are defined as products be covered from material discarded in the main process or the form of production of some major products where the material value is to be considered at the time of severance for the main product. Thus, by-products in emerging as a result of the processing operation of another product or they are produced from the scope or waste of materials of a process for example molasses in the sugar industry.
Liberalization: it refers to a systematic process of easing government control over private business activity. It is often interesting with the license and permit era where the business head to obtain Government licenses and permissions to start or grow a business. Liberalization is one of the three pillars of the new economic policy of the Government of India since the 1990s. Dadar tu pillars are privatization and globalization full software that is why the NTP is also known as LPG or GPL where G L and P respectively imply globalization, Liberalisation, and privatization.

Mission: a company's mission statement is typically focused on its present business scope and who we and what we do; mission statements bodily describe and organizations present capabilities, customer focus activities, and business makeup.
Proprietary forms of business organizations: these are the forms of business organization where the law does not distinguish between the business as a separate entity distinct from its owners. Consequently, the liabilities of the business are considered as the personal liabilities of the owners. Sole proprietorship and partnership may be seated as the best representative examples of the proprietary form of business organization. Returns and risks: these are the two sides of the business outcomes particularly for its owners and generally for all investors. Individuals and businesses invest their resources in expectation of the returns of rewards, they may be simply called profits. However, these expectations may not always realize to all or fully. The non / Patil delegation of expectation is called raised. Insert investment such risks are known existent or so low as to label this as a risk-free investment. For example, if a person deposits her / his savings in his savings bank account of a recurring deposit account or fixed deposit account of a bank that returns are almost as Yudh. But most of their investments more so investment in business and tile risk full stop those who undertake the risk expect commensurate returns as well. Thus, the cliche higher the risk and higher the returns.

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