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Monday, 23 December 2019

Hello, Are you the one thinking of studying Medicine in the United State America (USA) ?

So let me tell you studying medicine in the  United State America (USA) is extremely challenging in terms of time ,fees, hard work  and effort  but if you are passion and also you are willing to give every required,then it is worth.
Basic Sciences is the minimum qualification for medical in United State America (USA) which is equivalent Bachelor’s degree according to Indian standard. After passing Basic Sciences, one has to take  Medical college admission test (MCAT). Students completing Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT)  get an entry to medical schools of United State America (USA).
There are  four year course divided into 2 roughly equal components: pre- clinical (clerkship consisting of rotations through different wards of a teaching hospital and clinical (consisting of didactic courses in the basic sciences).
All Medical student candidate will also need to have completed the Medical college admission test, which also stands for Medical College Admissions Test. The test will determine Medical Student's ability to think critically,write clearly, problem solve,  as well as measure the student’s knowledge of various scientific concepts. A good score on the Medical college admission test  is key to getting into a good medical school in USA.

How to apply for admission in USA ?

Although, the exact requirements of admission differ between different medical schools in USA, so it’s best to double check these with the medical school themselves if you’re unsure. But normally an international student must fulfill the following criteria to get into medical colleges in United State in America.

Undergraduate academic record (Bachelor degree),
Scores on the MCAT,
Commitment to medicine,
Personal qualities and
Letters of recommendation,
Extracurricular activities.

To apply in USA for most medical schools, you’ll apply admission using the AMCAS- American Medical College Application Service – but if you’re applying to the MD program at Texas University in USA, you’ll need to apply using the TMDSAS -Texas Medical and Dental Schools Application Service.

Texas Medical and Dental Schools Application Service - AMCAS will deliver your application (including details of your work experience and extra-currciular activities , undergraduate record) and MCAT score to your crossed medical . Some medical schools in USA also ask for additional material in the form of essays or letters of recommendation. This letter  is know as a secondary application, and there may be an extra fee for this.

The AMCAS (Texas Medical and Dental Schools Application Service) fee to apply to one medical school is $160 – and it costs an additional $38 to add extra schools to your application.

Generally speaking,This  applications open in the first week of May month and stay open until submission closes in June month – you have to make sure you keep an eye on the exact deadline for admission so you don’t miss it!.

Where can I study Medicine in the (United Stated in America) USA?
We want to tell you, There are 172 medical schools in the United Stated in America which offer either a (MD) Doctor of Medicine  or (DO) Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine  degree – so there’s a lot to choose from if you’re thinking of studying Medicine in the United Stated in America.

These following are the top 10 universities for studying medicine in USA

Johns Hopkins University
University of California
Harvard University
Stanford University
University of Pennsylvania
Washington University in St Louis
Duke University
University of Washington
Yale University
Columbia University

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